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At Woodland Boys, we take our users' privacy very seriously. We created this transparency page to inform users of all possible data collection in our apps and website.

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What data is collected?

Like most websites, collects various non-personally identifying statistics (such as your country, your browser type, the page visited, and the referring site) and your IP address (which can be used to identify your approximate geographic location).

What is the data used for?

This data is used to help us understand our site's visitors and to improve this site. We never disclose any personally identifying information to anyone else.

How can I opt-out?

Not using this site is the only way to completely ensure that the data is not collected.

All Apps

What data is collected?

Anonymous crash logs and other information may be sent to us by Apple through App Analytics. For more information, see (iOS) Settings → Privacy → Diagnostics & Usage → About App Analytics and Privacy.

What is the data used for?

This data is used to help us better understand our apps' users and to improve the apps. In particular, since this non-personally identifying data helps us to identify and fix crashes, we highly recommend that you enable App Analytics.

How can I opt-out?

App Analytics can be disabled by turning off (iOS) Settings → Privacy → Diagnostics & Usage → Share With App Developers.

Diagnostics & Usage

Easy Animate

What data is collected?

The app uses AdMob (Google) for advertising. See Google's privacy policy for information about the data that is collected.

If you attempt to save an image or movie of an animation (from the Menu screen), Easy Animate may ask you for access to your photo library.

Access to Photos

What is the data used for?

AdMob collects general information in order to serve better advertisements.

The write-only access to the photo library is used to save photos and videos to the library. Easy Animate does not retrieve any media nor does it do anything with the library without user consent.

How can I opt-out?

Go to (iOS) Settings → Privacy → Advertising to reset the advertising identifier or limit ad tracking. For more information about iOS privacy-related advertising settings, see this Apple support article.

Reset Identifier

Go to (iOS) Settings → Privacy → Photos and turn off Easy Animate. Remember that Easy Animate will not be able to save images or movies anymore.

Privacy, Photos

Top Christian

What data is collected?

The app periodically checks for new song lists and downloads them if needed. Since these lists are located on our servers at, the information about above applies.

If you follow a link to the iTunes Store or play a preview of a song, the app may use the iTunes Search API, which is subject to Apple’s privacy policy. Woodland Boys does not have access to any Search API analytics data.

When you first start Top Christian, the app will ask you for access to your media library (“Apple Music”).

Access to Media Library

What is the data used for?

The app retrieves the lists in order to provide you with the latest songs.

The iTunes Search API is used to retrieve information about a particular song on iTunes. As mentioned above, we cannot access any of this data.

The read-only access to the media library is used to determine which songs on the lists you have. Top Christian does not add, modify, or delete any media; nor does it do anything with the media library without user consent.

How can I opt-out?

Turning off the Internet when on Top Christian is the only way to completely opt-out of list retrieval. The easiest way to do so is to turn on Airplane Mode.

To opt-out of the Search API, avoid following any iTunes Store links or playing any song previews.

Go to (iOS) Settings → Privacy → Media Library and turn off Top Christian. Remember that Top Christian will not be able to play songs anymore.

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